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What is virtual business support?

by Jennifer Wainwright
What is virtual business support?

Virtual business support is made up of a few core components: Marketing, Administration, Sales,
& Virtual support. we take a closer look at what each of these mean to a business.

Marketing & Administration

To be clear, virtual business support services are services that are provided by email, fax, phone or instant message. In addition, virtual assistance to a business is also provided by virtual assistants; people who work online and use certain technologies to assist clients throughout the world. Most virtual assistants work from home and receive their work instructions by email, instant message or phone. Besides offering secretarial services, virtual assistants also provide other business services such as Web design, IT support and marketing.


A telephone answering service can make a huge difference in a website; in how it functions and it’s productivity. These services keep a small business going and keep productivity high. In the last decade virtual business support services have increased and have become popular for many; especially those seeking work they can do in their home.

As with any kind of work, there are positive and negative factors with virtual business support services. One positive factor is that it benefits the environment. This is true because employees of virtual work don’t travel in a car, bus or train in order to reach their job. This decreases the use of fuel, as well as lowering the amount of vehicle emissions. It also lowers traffic congestion. Another positive factor is a higher level of productivity from employees. Because a person can work at home, he or she can spend most of the day taking care of their job duties and other work-related responsibilities. This, in turn, will also give them more time to spend with their family. Those who have worked from their home for several years say that they feel less stressed than if they were working in an office.

Virtual Support

On the other hand, there may be several negative factors with virtual business support such as some work being unsuitable for virtual work because not everyone is suited be a good online supervisor of telecommuters. In addition, telephone answering work is really not suited for clinicians and labourers; however, this kind of work is better suited for those who need little personal interaction such as online accountants, etc. Most importantly, virtual work as well as virtual support services requires a great deal of focus, motivation and self-discipline. Those who supervise telecommuters also need to be responsible because managing anyone remotely can be challenging.

There are other types of virtual business support services and they are: appointment scheduling, faxing, form letters, scanning, coping and customer care. Word processing is another example. Personal assistance in the form of taking reservations, creating PowerPoint presentations and preparing reports, are other services. Some may not know it but planning seminars, content management and writing articles, are other examples of virtual support services. Internet research, social media marketing and editing and proofing, are still other examples.virtual support
To conclude, virtual business support is gaining popularity by the day and for good reasons. These services can make the difference in a business; be it a small or larger business and can make online business work much easier, more productive and effective. With so many plus factors, it would be a shame not to check it out! Find out more about virtual business support and how it can enhance your business!